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"Skin is glowing after regular use!"

Stella, 24

It’s a luxury skincare item that makes each night feel like a spa treatment.

Liz, 56

"I love how easy it is to use the wand and how the serum makes my face feel."

Jaz, 28

One Tool

For All Your Skincare Concerns

• Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

• Minimize pores by regulating oils

• Immediate, long lasting results

• Prevent breakouts

• Stimulate collagen production

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Science-backed Technology

Clinical results from home - for less

  • Alita Skin Wand

    Alita Skin Wand

    Only $170 USD

    Daily treatment with our portable tool will give you equivalent results to regular clinic sessions - for a fraction of the cost.

    ✅ - Saves you time

    ✅ - Comform and privacy

    ✅ - Unlimited treatments

    ✅ - Only 3 minutes daily

    ✅ - One time payment

  • In-Clinic


    $500 USD per session

    Multiple costly session are required to see long term results - professional treaments are expensive and time consuming.

    ❌ - Comuting to clinic

    ❌ - Scheduling challenge

    ❌ - Limited treatments

    ❌ - Regular visits

    ❌ - On-going payments

How to use

STEP 1 - Wash and dry your face so you start with clean, hydrated skin.

STEP 2 - Apply a conductive serum to prep your skin for the wand.

STEP 3 - Glide the wand across your face in an upward and outward movement, slowly covering your forehead, cheeks under eyes, jaw, neck and upper lip. The wand will autumatically turn on when making contact to the skin. Use for at least 5 minutes and enjoy your new glow!

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