The 4 In 1 Tool For Your Best Skin - In Just 2 Weeks

Red Light Therapy Wand



  • Tough on marks and discolouration,  Safe on sensitive skin
  • Dermatologist-level skincare at home
  • Infrared Heat Therapy rejuvenates the skin while reducing wrinkles
  • Portable and lightweight for travel use
  • Save money with unlimited rechargeable use
  • 360 rotating head for hard-to-reach areas
  • Facial massage to sculpt and lift the skin
  • Touch activated technology to reduce charging time
  • Micro-current technology to reach and treat deeper layers of the skin
  • Therapeutic warmth to assist with lymphatic drainage and de-puffing
  • Fast and free shipping

Flawless Lifted Skin In Less Than 5 Minutes - Without Invasive Procedures

You Deserve Better For Less

Advanced Skincare Technology From The Comfort Of Your Home

Invasive procedures can leave you with side effects and irreversible damage to your skin. Other alternatives take far too long to see lasting/noticeable change. The result?  

You’'re left with problematic skin, thousands of wasted dollars/time, and promises that are never delivered - An endless cycle of hope and disappointment.

Now you can experience a quicker, cheaper, and safer way to filtered-looking skin.

Product Features

Skincare On The Go!

Small, portable, and can easily fit in your travel bag. 

No more bulky tools that take up space on your counter top leaving you with less room for your skincare products.

3 Steps For Filtered-Looking Skin

Step 1: 

Use a cleanser to remove any oil or dirt from your face

Step 2: 

Apply a serum or moisturizer (we recommend one with conductive ingredients - e.g. aloe vera) to your face and neck

Step 3:

Gently move your wand in an upwards direction giving equal attention to each area of your face

Be sure to avoid the adam’s apple/larynx, chest, groin, breasts, and any bruises or open wounds.

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